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Our principles

Kabuto S.A. is inspired by the doctrines and ethical code of the samurai. The samurai helmet or "Kabuto" in Japanese was the highest expression of individuality: it protected warriors, and at the same time, it identified them.

Choosing Kabuto means relying on a team of multidisciplinary professionals who study, analyze, and enhance the heritage according to the principles that distinguish our service as the ancient helmet.


Trust is fundamental to financial service providers and is the core of any modern, efficient economy. To establish a lasting relationship based on trust, honesty is the primary ingredient for us.


With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, our advisors are committed to protecting our clients' assets and their families because their welfare is something we hold dear.


Our firm handles client capital and financial information with confidentiality and responsibility. At Kabuto, all sensitive data is treated discreetly, constantly monitored and safeguarded. 


Sometimes financial markets can intimidate investors due to their fluctuating performance. For this reason, Kabuto is committed to defending client assets through sound strategic planning. Our advisors' focus is to create a relatively stable portfolio during periods of volatility.


Volatility is part of the financial system; therefore, it is crucial to manage it with a team of experts who can guide the client with courage even in the most challenging moments. Bravery is a peculiarity that we also try to convey to our clients. Abstaining from investing in the market is not a solution. On the contrary, acting with tenacity, determination and controlling emotions can make the difference. 


Loyalty is the most valuable asset for Kabuto. Being always sincere and fair to our clients is the key component of our DNA.

Kabuto S.A.

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